Chicago Policewomen Captured, Cuffed, and Gagged

A pair of Chicago patrol officers receive a tip that a couple of goons are hiding out somewhere in the suburbs. Approaching the estate, they decide to split up (of course...) and try ambushing the mooks.

Needless to say, this quickly backfires, as the bad guys effortlessly take down both officers: they swiftly grab and handgag the first one (1:32), just to quickly cuff and gag her off-screen (1:58), and then use her as a leverage to disarm (2:21), cuff (2:33) and gag (2:52) her partner as well. The goons then knock both of them down to buy some time and escape.

Amateur cops-and-robbers roleplay, so unknown actors. Sorry for the shit quality folks, but the source apparently comes from an old VHS source (upscaled from a resolution of 300x200).

Know about a good uniformed law-enforcement damsel-in-distress scene? Let me know on officerbound at protonmail dot com, and I'll see if I can dig it up! :)
Tape Gags
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