Cruise Port Tours & Exploring Live Q&A: Sunday 3 December 2024: UK 5pm/ET Noon/PT 9am

Join me for my livestream where I talk Cruise Excursion & Tours and answer your questions on this and any other cruise topi Sunday 3 December 2024: UK 5pm/ET Noon/PT 9am

Get any cruise questions answered live!

In this live I dived deep into

Excursion Booking: Discover why booking excursions through your cruise line might be the safest bet, especially when unforeseen events disrupt your itinerary.

Independent Exploration vs. Cruise Excursions: Hear our speaker’s preference for exploring ports independently, despite financial troubles within a certain cruise company and the overall impact on industry practices.

Cruising During the Holidays: We explore why Christmas cruises might be less populated by families and how school schedules can affect holiday cruising trends.

Industry Resilience: Despite challenges in the Middle East, find out why there’s an optimistic outlook on the resilience of the cruise industry.

A Spectrum of Cruising Experiences: From the grandeur of the Queen Mary 2 to the practicalities of travel insurance, learn about the different strokes for different folks in cruising, including group and solo travel.

Accessibility at Sea: Get valuable advice for elderly travelers, with a spotlight on wheelchair-friendly options provided by cruise lines like Saga, Fred Olsen, and Viking, while also considering the accessibility challenges one might face.

Onboard Amenities: A surprising revelation about the lack of caffeine-free beverages on mainstream cruises—what’s available and what’s not?

Cruise Line Comparisons: Gain insights into the unique offerings of various cruise lines, including Viking, Windstar, Azamara, Oceania, and the recent incidents involving P&O Cruises.

Safety First: Understand the responsibilities of cruise lines when it comes to onboard safety and the speaker’s recommendations for ensuring a worry-free journey.

Excursion Recommendations: Look forward to upcoming content featuring specific excursion recommendations, with a teaser about what to expect on Regent Seven Seas cruises.

Audience Interactions: Listeners seek suggestions for Canary Islands excursions on the Seabourn Sojourn, highlighting the diverse range of queries that came up during the Q&A.

Join me for another of my weekly live cruise question and answer session. During the livestream I will answer cruising questions or discuss any cruising topic or news development that people ask me live. You can watch past episodes of the livestreams too (

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00:00 Start
01:27 Cruise Excursions Tips of the Week
05:04 Is it normal for cruise lines to cancel schedules?
07:04 How will people react to children in Cunard Queens Grill
09:58 best ports to self explore in?
13:46 should I be worried about booking Saga with news of financial issues?
15:15 number of landings on an expedition cruise?
17:00 Christmas cruises issues?
22:00 how will the two captains on Celebrity Ascent work?
23:25 Best Ports for Christmas cruise?
24:05 Tips For Travellers Group cruises availability?
27:13 Cruise by cruise insurance or annual policy?
29:18 how much will I save booking non-cruise line excursions?
32:10 if you haven't snorkelled before should you try one as an excursions?
33:55 cruise excursion considerations for solo travellers?
36:09 ever missed a ship being late back from self touring?
38:28 do we need plastic luggage bagged tag holders for the cruise?
42:04 good cruise for someone in their 90s?
44:00 best cruise line for a multi-generational cruise?
45:45 are catamaran excursions suitable for limited mobility passengers?
48:20 will cruise lines offer more caffeine-free options?
49:58 best lines similar to Viking Cruises?
55:45 must see excursions in Norwegian Fjords?
58:18 which is better Viking or Windstar?
60:00 Cruise Tip of the Week - Excursion Resource
Bondage Challenges
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