Feet Tickle Video - Female Foot vacuuming! Anime feet fetish

Here is a new Feet Tickle Video, Female Foot vacuuming! Tickling with the vacuum cleaner. Laugh and relax with these asmr foot massage's ;).

Hi everyone, today we made a new foot vacuum video. She is wearing two different styles of socks on het feet, one is more a panty style sock and on the other foot it is more a regular sock. We immediately start with vacuuming the toes and the soles of the feet. Hilarious to do and to undertake. It is just a short video, but you will probably have a little laugh anyway ;). More videos on the rise, follow us for more foot tickle and vacuuming videos!

As always, we try to upload new videos every 2 or 3 days. Comments, likes and subscribers are appreciated!

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Gear: Iphone XS in 60fps & DJI Osmo 3 and BoYa BY mm1 mic.
Gear: tripod, vacuum cleaner
Music: just laughing and tickle sounds

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Tickling and Bondage
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