"Gita Chapter 14 - Day 07/07" Talk in English by Swami Aparajitananda, Chinmaya Mission Mangaluru.

Hari Om!

Swami Aparajitananda briefly summarises Chapter 14:
• Lord Krishna's promise
• Principles of creation of world
• Bondage
• Contents of mind (trigunas)
• Five topics of the chapter
• Techniques to know 'Who you are?' to come out of life-death cycle.
• Consciousness is "being", BMI is "doing".

Verse 21: The topic of the Chapter is over, but Arjuna asks question about characteristics and behaviour of Trigunātīta and how to become so.

Swamiji elaborates in great depth on each aspect of Lord's answers.

Verses 22 and 23: Characteristics of Gunātīta and Sthitaprajña are same. All 3 gunas are present in Mahātmā also; he keeps aloof (udāsīna) when gunas come and go and he is convinced that trigunas interact with trigunas. His happiness is from the Self. He knows illusory mind by Self Enquiry.

Verses 24 and 25: Behaviour of Gunātīta

Samattvam with respect to prārabdha and peace of mind by right understanding mark his conduct. Abiding in own Self, knowing who he is, vision of oneness, non-doership, sense of being instrument make him Gunātīta.

Verse 26: Lord's important instructions to become Gunātīta are simplified:
• to worship Lord with Bhakti Yoga to be fit to become and realise Brahman;
• to develop heart to intuitively experience Truth.

Verse 27: The Mahāvākya Aham Brahmāsmi is logically simplified. The adjectives of Brahman are clarified. Dharma is defined as the very nature of a thing/being and as own Self and Consciousness.

(Bhagavad Gītā Chp. 14 - Talk 7 of 7 - Verses 21 to 27)
Bondage Challenges
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