HORRIFIC Sailing Into a DARK VORTEX of Wind and Rain - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 288

Beating our brains out sailing into 35 knot winds while getting pounded by BIG waves and never ending squalls.... This video definitely shows the less glamorous part of our lifestyle! Brian described it pretty well - “I don’t think any of us wish we where here right now.”

Not only was our sanity put on test but Delos took quite a beating too. With constant wind shifts we rip our sail and the bow starts filling up with bucketloads of salt water every wave we hit!! NOT IDEAL! It was a scary tiring couple of days but we made it through and get a very warm welcome into the USA.

Hope you enjoy this peak into our lives on the open ocean. A huge thank you to Grace from @calicoskiessailing for being such badass crew and to @kiril_dobrev for putting this episode together!

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