How we spice up our sex life in marriage

Do you long for more passion, excitement, and connection in the bedroom?

In this eye-opening episode, my wife and I reveal practical, actionable tips to help you and your partner reignite the spark and take your sex life in marriage to new heights.

You'll discover:
- Innovative techniques to add more playfulness, variety, and adventure to your lovemaking
- Communication strategies to openly discuss your desires and fantasies
- Natural ways to boost libido and sexual confidence
We promised to share some links during the show:
1. Link to the podcast on spotify:
2. Links to two sex coaches we follow on Instagram:
a. Olawunmi Esan | Intimacy Therapist & Coach |
b. Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach And Master Sexpert |

We are Drs Samuel & Blessing Ekundayo, a purpose driven couple with the vision to model marriage God’s way. We have been married for more than 10 years and we’re based in New Zealand

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We hope this episode blesses your marriage and relationships.

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