In • Corp •|°Crop: Uplifting information, and transformation, of my energy notions # peace $& love??

I • Corp • Corp : Topic, the negative trollz.

Their tried to , restrict my logging information, on Instagram. um envy for not knowing me , I guess. No , I'm unbothered , but their try to vex my spirit always. Their want my culture and position, but don't want my journey or endurance. Their ass backwards, and easy scam and con artists. I said what I said, I'm not afraid of your world or hate. The world needs good people , like me. Thank you, can I help you stalkers ?. What do you like about me ? What do you want from me ?

• Business Note : I will never undervalued myself or my workers for sure in wages and salaries. I can be in control, of my own life and investments. I can work , just as hard by my employees, to be challenge and give for competitive objectives for growth. I can pay taxes based on self employment. I understand, gossip sells and has its positivity, but I am not going to be, that professional business.

Computer Software: glimpse• gleaches happens, Everything I post , can't be used against me, released from all that spiritual and mental bondage. She assume alot things, from her mouth. Their never known us and will never. I abhor, complainers, negative people, and Envious persons. I'm not for all that back and forth. Their can have the laugh, cake, and etc. it's not going to change, my business or creative mind from working or do it's part to provide my Artesy. I am just a poor working, woman with 3 children in the world ????.So what , I'm not the first or last, it so easy to create illustration or illusions for the people to lived by, but it hard to create truth in a disguise to sustain persons. future is an illusion and the past is breakable. I'm always on Now, were I at, motto in life. ???? present moment.
Bondage Challenges
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