Interview with MichaelWiseman

Here is an interview of Brother Gregory on an "Atheist vs. Christian" style podcast.

Michael Wiseman is the host of "The Bible Says What!?" podcast. We should understand that Michael was born and raised in a strict Christian home, where belief was not a choice but a requirement. Using the fear of eternal hell-fire, he was indoctrinated into the evangelical, holy-roller flavor of Christianity but eventually reading the bible with his limited understanding of the ancient text led him to question the beliefs and eventually validated his fears that there is no God and it is all just made up.

Brother Gregory meets his challenge with real facts about many of the modern misinterpretations common among emotion based religions and their private interpretation of "What the Bible says".

This short interview only allows a micro examination of what can only be seen as a macro topic and will challenge may who hear the truth for the first time.

Michael, like many others, was only taught a "private interpretation" and never really heard the true message of Moses, the prophets, and Jesus who was the Christ, the Messiah, the King of the different way of governing ourselves in the "world" but not of it. The truth and righteousness of "The Way" of the "kingdom of God" sets the captive free!

Watch how Michael struggles to get Brother Gregory to defend some of the things he had been taught at one time "that just at so." True Christianity, known as The Way", is not based on emotions nor "sound bite doctrines" put together by the blind to lead the "masses" back into bondage.
Any attempt by atheists to prove that there is no spirit to a true believer is more futile than trying to prove to an atheist that there is a Spiritual Creator.
Michael finally admits he has never heard many of the things contained in the Gospel of the kingdom which Brother Gregory freely shares daily.

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