Looking Back On 2020 In The Stock Market And On YouTube

We wanted to take a moment in this video to start looking back on 2020 in the stock market and being on YouTube.

It has truly been a year to remember as our YouTube channel has grown from 87 subscribers back in January 2020 to where we are today which is a little over 8.6K subscribers at the time of writing this description. We could never do this if it wasn't for the amazing support from our Patrons and our subscribers. Without you, there would be no Everything Money.

The stock market certainly has been interesting. With the market crashing at the beginning of the year in late February - early March to where it is today amidst a pandemic wreaking havoc on the world. Not all has been bad though when it comes to the market. There have been winners that we have talked about previously that came out on top and there were those that suffered such as the travel and hospitality markets, but even those are on the mend.

Take a look at companies like Carnival Cruise Lines $CCL (one of our favorites) for example. They are still working their way back up but with the announcement of the vaccines getting distributed, there is light at the end of the tunnel for a company like them and the others that have been affected.

As we look to the future of 2021 and beyond, we are excited to see where it all goes from here. With the app/website in production with our developer and being set to have a release in the next few months, to see where our growth on this platform will take us, the sky is truly the limit.

We are dedicated in providing financial education to you out there and also entertainment as you hear us bicker back and forth at each other. We thank you all once again and can't wait to see where this journey takes us.
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Video editing by Rohan and Sharvari (The Tweaky Tales)

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