The Hidden Purpose Behind Human Values & Judgement That Causes SUFFERING | Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini uncovers the universal laws that govern our reality and reveals how we can use this information to create the life of our dreams. He shares how the resistance to duality causes suffering and trauma to arise within the human psyche. Giving examples, tools and practices we can use to move from victim of history to master of destiny.
He also shares how to engineer your reality to match your true desires, by getting clear on your hierarchy of values, and creating a life centered around doing what you love.
Known for his work in the film, 'The Secret', Dr. Demartini explains how the law of attraction really works, revealing why it only works if you're in alignment with your highest values.


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0:00 Intro
2:18 What it Means to Know Thyself
4:29 Answering the Question: Who Are You?
6:15 Defining Your Hierarchy of Values & Claiming Your Ideal Life
10:52 How Our Highest Excitement Serves the Planet
13:02 Reflective Awareness: Transcending Our Judgement Of Others
21:30 Holding Paradox Simultaneously: From Polarity to Unicity
25:45 How The Law of Attraction ACTUALLY Works - The Secret to the 'Secret'
35:19 Mastering Your Craft: How Dr. Demartini Overcame Difficulty to Live His Purpose
39:33 Reframing Trauma: From Victim of History to Master of Destiny
49:56 "We Only Need 3 Hours to Grieve" Rapidly Transforming Grief
53:15 Breaking the Spell of Infatuation and Finding True Love
56:41 The Trap of Self Righteousness & Moral Hypocrisy
59:28 The Shadow Side of Trying to Create World Peace
1:06:23 Liberating Yourself From the Unnecessary Pain of Suffering
1:10:47 Life’s Inherent Intelligence With Order and Chaos
1:20:13 Unifying Science and Spirit & Transforming Judgement into Love
1:24:40 The Merging of Wisdom and Love
1:25:44 Defining What God Is to Humans
1:31:25 Keeping Clear Metrics on Your Life
1:35:56 Dr. Demartini's Mystical & Psychedelic Experiences
1:42:27 Conclusion


Dr. John Demartini is a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert. His work has been described by students as the "most comprehensive body of work", "an extensive library of wisdom".

Dr. John Demartini's mission and vision is to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to become a master of your own life and destiny.

He's an internationally published author, a global educator and the founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in modern psychology.

His education curriculum ranges from personal growth seminars to corporate empowerment programs

His teachings are the synthesis of knowledge and wisdom from the greatest minds through history and his curriculum is designed to help you empower and inspire all 7 areas of your life.



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