The Miracle Of Recovery & Restoration. 2 Kings 6:1-7. Pastor Donald Wayne Dickman.

This sermon is entitled -The Miracle of Recovery and Restoration and the text is taken from 2 Kings 6:1-7.
In this passage, you will read of how a young prophet while chopping down a tree lost the axe head in the river of Jordan. And immediately he cried out to Elisha for help. Elisha took a stick from a tree and threw it into the river, a miracle happened, the axe head appeared at the surface floating or swimming.

Even though this is a passage is rarely preached on, it contains great spiritual truths that can teach
you how to experience your miracle of recovery and restoration.

Without the axe head, the work will be ineffective. Many people and even churches have lost their axe head, have lost their cutting age and they are not effective anymore.

Loosing the axe head, usually happens gradually and in a similar manner people can loose their cutting age because it happen gradually over time. Decisions that you take, steps you take that gradually causes you to loose the power, loose the anointing, loose the love and loose the cutting age.
In this passage, i have good news for you because God can supernaturally cause the axe head to float. God is a God of miracles and He is able to cause you to experience a miracle of recovery and restoration.
God is able to miraculously restore the things that have been stolen from you. God is able to miraculously recover the things that have been lost.

I have identified 6 important steps of lessons in this sermon
1. A Pattern to Follow. vrs 1-4
2. Axe Head Missing
3. Concern and Confession
4. Involves Going Back to where it all started
5. Need a Miracle-Its Time for the Axe Head to Float
6. Pick It Up or Take It Up-Involves Commitment and Faith

Pray you are encouraged and blessed through this sermon.

The editing of this video was managed by Daniel Michael Dickman

A special thanks to him for this excellent work.
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