Tutankhamun | What You Don't Know About the Young Pharaoh GAY RUBBER SLAVE

In this video, we will explore the life and legacy of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, one of the greatest pharaohs in the history of ancient Egypt. We will learn about his life story, from his humble beginnings to his ascent to the royal throne. We will also uncover the secrets of his opulent tomb, discovered by the renowned archaeologist Howard Carter.

We will showcase the treasures and precious artifacts found in his tomb, and reveal the symbols and drawings that tell the remarkable story of this young pharaoh. We will continue our journey into the world of Tutankhamun by reviewing the impact he had on ancient Egypt and its culture.

Join us on this exciting journey to explore Tutankhamun: the king who left an enduring mark on the history of Egypt with his magnificent legacy and a lasting influence in the field of archaeology.

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00:00 Tutankhamun
02:32 Tutankhamun reign
04:34 Military campaigns
07:06 Causes of Tutankhamun's death
09:30 Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb
13:22 Contents of Tutankhamun's tomb
15:29 Rumored curse


For nearly 3000 years, ancient Egypt was the greatest civilization on Earth. And in their ancient tombs and artifacts, they left a detailed record of their lives, but many mysteries remain. Due to advances in technologies and techniques, we are now able to learn more about one of the greatest Egyptian leaders, Tutankhamen.
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