How I Used Electronic Affirmation to Destroy gambling Desire! (FreeThruMMPC)

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How I Used Electronic Affirmation to Destroy gambling Desire! (FreeThruMMPC)

This is a really good life hack, I challenge you to start doing this to help yourself and those closest to you. It helped get through depression, anxiety and shame. It will help you too i promise if you practice.

My Mission is to stop the bleeding!???? Save Hemmorging Gambler from him self. Re align, Refocus through MMPC.

Stay Focused! Yes you can.
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Commissioned by Jehova I am.
For GOD has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

MIND Mouth Power keeps amazing me!
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I am Worlds #1 Problem Gambling Interventionist/The Annihilator

*Certified Results Coach*
Founder: S.O.S.M. Movement 2016
Stockton California.

32 Plus years of Bondage & faulty values!
Today Prison free from that mental doomsday!
I was F????ked up in my head. I was dead. Heavy like lead..
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