Meet the Damsels!

At Damsel Audio Roleplay, we have a growing list of damsels in distress…and part of their job description (whether they know it or not!) is getting repeatedly captured, bound, and gagged in various scenarios for your entertainment!

This is an intro to our current damsels in distress, as well as a preview of some of our content that’s been released, or is coming soon!

Mae -
"You HOGTIE and GAG Your BABYSITTER!" - Out now!
"Superheroine UMASKED, GAGGED and HUMILIATED!" - Coming soon!
"The Babysitter Tells her BONDAGE STORY!" - Coming soon!

Mari -
"Burglar CAUGHT and RESTRAINED!" - Out now!
"Cheerleader BOUND and GAGGED by the NERDS!" - Coming soon!

Jade -
"Vampire Queen CHAINED and GAGGED!" - Coming soon!

Vora -
"Nosy Reporter NABBED and GAGGED!" - Coming soon!

Cleo -
"Softball Captain GAGGED with SWEATY SOCKS!" - Out now!
"Warrior Princess KIDNAPPED, BOUND, and GAGGED by the ORCS!" - Coming soon!
"Warrior Princess: BOUND PRISONER of the ORC CLAN!" - Coming soon!

Soru -
"TIED UP Babysitter CALLS FOR HELP!" - Coming soon
"Private Investigator INTERROGATED and GAGGED!" - Coming soon

Mia -
"Den Mother APPLE GAGGED by BOY SCOUTS!" - Coming soon
"Den Mother BOUND and COMPROMISED by EAGLE SCOUT!" - Coming soon!
"Den Mother BOUND, GAGGED, and BROUGHT TO HER LIMITS!" Coming soon!

Kij -
"Hostess gets GAGGED During INTERVIEW!" - Out now!

Sarah -
Our hostess is always getting gagged in our promos! Be sure to keep an eye out!
Duct Tape Bondage
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