Survival Strategies: Thriving in Tough Economic Times and Changes. Dr. Olumide Emmanuel (holib)

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In this powerful broadcast, a man of God shares invaluable wisdom on how to navigate through economic challenges and rise above them. Whether you are Christian or non-Christian, this content offers practical advice on adapting to sudden economic shifts, finding balance, and achieving your goals. Join us as we discuss the current economic situation in Nigeria and explore the right decisions being made by the government. Discover the truth about subsidy removal, the floating of the dollar, and the gestation period for policy benefits. Gain insight into survival strategies such as increasing income and reducing expenditure. Explore how to approach food, clothing, shelter, and education expenses with a critical eye. This content will empower you to overcome financial hardships and thrive in any economy. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion – watch, share, and turn your life around today. Subscribe for more impactful content and be a blessing to others. Let's journey together towards financial freedom and a brighter future.
Bondage Challenges
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